Our Landscape collection’s remarkable diversity is reflective of artists Jennifer Zucco, Kitty Zucco, and Weston “Morley” Geety’s visionary priorities. As natives to the New England coast, each artist experienced the diverse terrain of these glacial shores: the ledge and granite rock topography; dense colorful deciduous trees; soaring pines;farmland; small harbor villages; bustling urban cities; spectacular blue skies; and sunsets as vivid and colorful as flowers in the garden.
Artist Jennifer Zucco painted landscape subject matter of scenes from her daily life: homes tucked into magical intimate scenery;expansive views of fields and farmland; and the simple journeys of the road to our next possible destination.
Artist Kitty Zucco enjoys painting regional scenes of the four seasons, sensitive glimpses of farms, and the curiosity of a river’s journey through the countryside. Kitty’s extensive travels from the western regions of the United States and Canada to the European countryside of Italy and France has also captured her imagination.
Weston “Morley” Geety’s occupational profession as an architect served as a natural guide to his artistic etchings and pastels of city scenes in New York City and Toronto Canada. There is no doubt this display of landscape artwork is as intriguing and varied as the artists themselves.

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