The magical aura of the ocean’s beauty and power has long been a curiosity and passion for seascape artists Jennifer Zucco, Kitty Zucco, and Weston “Morley” Geety. As native residents of Long Island Sound (an Atlantic Ocean tributary situated between Connecticut and New York coastlines), the daily exposure to the color, smells, sounds, and unique landscape left a profound impression on each artist. Mesmerizing images of waves crashing along the rocky shores of New England hamlets; towering sand dunes; lighthouses perched on precarious cliffs; strolls down your favorite path to the beach; it isall part of the lure of the sea. It is why each artist is compelled to try to capture it on canvas. Equally, the narration of America’s marine and boat painting heritage is explored in many art endeavors of Jennifer and Kitty as they have witnessed how untold generations have made a living and a life by working on the sea. Hide..

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