Fundraising Opportunities

The Zucco Fine Art Gallery is proud to present profitable fundraising opportunities to schools, nonprofit organizations, sports and extracurricular groups, and church and religions groups by offering exquisite artwork and note cards as a means to raise funds. We offer two programs to address your desires:

  1. A percentage of sales from Artwork purchased from the Zucco Fine Art Gallery.
  2. A percentage of sales from Note Cards purchased from the Zucco Fine Art Gallery.


The Zucco Fine Art Gallery displays a unique portfolio of art work from three generations of painters from one family. This exceptional collection presents images from as early as the 1930’s till present day. Artwork from Jennifer Ann Zucco, Kitty Zucco and Weston Morley Geety present a wonderful view of American life, landscapes, seascapes and floral scenes that instill a sense of serenity and splendor.

PROFITS: For every piece of artwork purchased from The Zucco Fine Art Gallery by your organization’s patrons during your fundraising timeframe, earn 20 % of every painting sold. Prices of artwork on this website range from $150 to $700. A unique coupon code will be issued to your organization which your patrons will use so we can easily track all sales and your organization’s returns.


Our Premier Collection of note cards displays artwork from artist Jennifer Ann Zucco. Simply stated, Jennifer was “a brilliant Connecticut Impressionist painter, whose works transcend time and take us back to the turn of the 20th century when there was a mood of gentle and carefree spirit.”Your organization has the opportunity to offer these exquisite quality note cards at an affordable price which should delight your patrons and raise substantial profits for your cause.

PROFITS: Your organization has 2 options:

  1. 100 % PROFIT – Sell note cards directly to your clientele, collect fees by Check or Credit Card payable to your organization, and disperse note cards to patrons from your organization. Simply place an order on our website.
  2. 66 % PROFIT – Sell note cards to your clients by offering the option of ordering and paying by Credit Cards through The Zucco Fine Art Gallery website( Note cards can be shipped directly from the website or sent to your organization for disbursement. A unique coupon code will be issued to your organization which your patrons will use so we can easily track all sales and your organization’s returns.

Time Frame: These cards can be sold at any time of the year; however there are occasions that might be better suited to maximize your sales (e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day.)

Card Turn around Time: Your order will be processed immediately after the final sales date. Depending on what we carry in stock, please allow up to 2 weeks for your shipment to arrive. Some note cards may actually ship the same day.

Questions: For questions please email Janet Karabin at or phone 203-984-6121 to discuss your fundraising plans.

***Personal Note*** The art work on these note cards was created by my sister Jennifer Ann Zucco. Jennifer died of breast cancer in August of 2006. Her portfolio of art has been enjoyed by a solid base of enthusiasts and patrons over the years. My goal in offering these note cards at such reasonable prices to an organization like yours is twofold: 1) I hope to make my sister’s artwork available to a larger audience; 2) I would also like to help groups like yours raise funds that will benefit the youth and citizens of our communities. It is my genuine hope these cards will delight all who come in contact with them. For more information on Jennifer Ann Zucco please visit Artist Biography in

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