Weston Morley Geety

morleyresize Weston “Morley” Geety (1902-1970)

Weston Morley Geety was born January 30, 1902 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He attended Cornell University and graduated with a degree in architecture.

Morley’s professional life lead him to many unique experiences. One of his most memorable moments was working on several exhibits at the 1939 World’s Fair, his favorite being the “Cash Register”. His creative expertise was also requested in performing interior design work for the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Morley worked for a large architecture firm in New York City which led him to travel between NYC, Washington, DC and Montreal. Many of the cityscapes in Morley’s portfolio where actually painted from the view in the hotel rooms where Morley resided on business trips.
Morley truly enjoyed painting in oils and drawing with pastels. His passion for fishing and deep appreciation of the natural beauty of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic coastline are constant themes explored in all his artwork. Morley was a gifted and talented gentleman.


“Morley on bottom of pile sledding with Kitty’s Zucco mother Catty Geety Warner”

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