Floral, Garden, Still Life

The creation of floral, garden, and still life artwork by Kitty Zucco and Jennifer Zucco have proved to be a deep source of pleasure and challenge for these two gifted artists. From an early age both mother Kitty and daughter Jennifer have made gardening and landscape architecture a lifelong study and gratifying pursuit. Through continued reading, lessons, and hands on experience in the cultivation of their own personal properties, an instinctive appreciation of a plant’s structure, texture, and vibrant colors notably influenced how each artist perceived and revered nature’s breathtaking beauty. For Jennifer, brushwork technique became particularly important in how she created botanical and still life artwork. Jennifer’sinnate curiosity lead her to an in-depth study of renowned floral painter Henri Fantin-Latour’s technique of floral painting which opened new insightful approaches to the actualization of many of Jennifer’s floral and still life creations. Hide..

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